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Does tax depreciation affects Capital Gains Tax?

The legislation changes made in May 2017 affected secondhand property owners, resulting in the amounts that could have been claimed under Division 40 Plant and Equipment aggregated at disposal and forms the basis of a CGT event.

Can I claim depreciation on a overseas property?

If you own an overseas investment property, you are eligible to claim both Div 40 (Plant and Equipment) deductions and Div 43 Building and structure allowances although the dates do differ slightly on eligibility.

How does May 9th 2017 Changes affect you

It has been a number of years since the Government announced in the 2017/18 budget measures to assist with the problems of housing affordability, however, Investors are still unaware of these changes. Take a look at what are these changes and how does it affect you as an investor.

Are all Tax Depreciation Report the same?

Koste is Australia’s only regulated Chartered Quantity Surveyor with the RICS who specialize in Tax Depreciation. We are proud of this as we have worked hard to achieve this status. We are also full corporate members of the AIQS. We make sure everyone is treated the same with care taken to get the best results as every dollar counts.

Can I claim depreciation when I buy a business?

Choosing the right business to buy can be very daunting, It has to suit your needs and lifestyle. When buying a business, such as a shop, it may include fixtures and fittings that are included in the purchase price.

Instant asset write off for Small Businesses

Over the last few years, the government has introduced a number of measures as part of the economic stimulus package for small businesses in the form of tax breaks including instant asset writeoff, which means you can claim an immediate deduction. The instant asset write-off was raised from $30,000 to $150,000 per asset.

Why Should I Use Koste?

As one of the leading providers of Tax Depreciation Schedules in Australia, we now complete in excess of 3,000+ reports annually. Over the years, we have established a market-leading product and methodology to carry out Tax Depreciation Schedules to provide detailed and accurate reports at unbeatable fees.

Tenant leaves a fit-out behind at the end of a lease?

It is not a great situation to be in when your commercial property has been abandoned by the tenant. As the landlord, you may be in a position to claim tax deductions through depreciation within the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 on part of the assets left behind.