Monthly Update April 2021 | Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyor


Hi, Welcome to our Monthly update!


Hi, I am Mark Kilroy bringing our April monthly update from our office here in Brisbane.

April has continued to show the property surge throughout Australia. Although it has slow from the previous peak from last month, the commercial and residential property in most areas is continuing to be sought after with limited stock and many buyers out there in the market.

The tax office now looking to call back some of the lost income tax from the previous year. Now, more than ever, tax depreciation is important for business owners, property investors to get as much back as possible through tax depreciation.

We continue to work with our referral partners including developers, accountants, and agents, to educate the benefit of tax depreciation.

This month is also being an exciting time for us. We have announced to launch our residential software program which is now called Kapal. It has been undergoing some significant tests from our team over the last two months. The software will, I believe, will revolutionize tax depreciation. We hope that the software will benefit many smaller quantity surveyors and companies in Australia in producing compliance and accurate tax depreciation schedule.

Kapal is designed using AI capabilities and learning over time. It utilizes the current legislation to benefit all residential property investors.

Our commercial tax depreciation has been very busy this month, on a range of projects including depreciative revaluation exercises on 5 Central Queensland Airports, including Emerald Airport. A hotel in Coper Pedy built into an old opal mine, and all many other properties in all asset classes.


Every depreciation report has a unique circumstance. Whether you have an older residential property where you can only claim Div 43 benefits or your specialist commercial tenant need some advice on contribution and so forth.

Koste is passionate about providing clients expert advice, utilizing our experience as a chartered quantity surveyor,s and our in-depth knowledge of current tax legislation.

Next month will be a busy period for Koste with many interstate trips with our team. We will be surveying a range of property and assets, from pubs, medical centre, vets, children’s playgrounds, and so forth.

I do thank you for listening to this month and I hope you will tune in next month. Thanks again.

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