Koste Monthly update - August 2021 -

Hi Mark Kilroy, here bringing our clients and partners August monthly update from the marina here in Cairns. It’s been a challenging few months for most of the country. We’ve locked downs. This tax season needs one. We’re going to remember for a long time, despite the lockdowns, it is still an important part of the year.

Where many of you will be pulling together information and get organized ready for submitting income tax returns. Koste has continued to operate in all the states, despite being locked down throughout vKoste virtual site survey. This has been offering clients virtual site inspections with tenants owners and property managers throughout the country.

Most of our competitors have also realized the benefits of this service as I’m starting to follow our lead over the last 12 months, Koste has been busy, developing new technology to assist our clients and investors in managed depreciation, putting you in the driving seat. Our software Kapal has been put forward as the finalist of this year’s innovation awards with the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors, which is a prestigious award to have them one we’re really thrilled about.

This month Koste has been busy working on content to be shared, including a new educational series, YouTube, and behind-the-scenes videos taken on site. More information and tips shared with our clients and partners will ensure you get more money in your pocket using our tips. We are here to support you this tax season, and we’ll encourage you and your clients to call a member of our team, run through your eligibility and depreciation and see what you can get back and really do.

Thank you for listening and stay tuned next month. Thanks very much.

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