Koste Monthly update - July 2021 -

Hi Mark Kilroy here, bringing our referral partners our July update from Surfers Paradise here at the Cavil Hotel. It’s the first month of Tax Season and it is an important part of the year for everyone. Despite the lockdown in many states, your client would be putting together some information and getting organise to be ready to submit the income tax returns.

As a referral partner, the best gift you can give to your client is the advice to get a tax depreciation schedule or get it updated. This will end up saving them thousands in their income tax. Koste continues to upgrade on states despite the lockdown. Through our vKoste service, we are able to offer clients virtual inspections with tenants, owners, or property managers. This service has now become the most popular method to complete site inspections. Not only do clients have more flexibility on their inspection dates and times, but we also collect video evidence for the audit in the survey by a chartered quantity surveyor.

As one of our referral partners, you are the key to communicate how your client can save on tax. Koste has been working on more content for you to share with your client, such as new education series on Youtube, videos that take during the on-site inspection such as this one. Koste has already seen a significant increase this month, much earlier than usual on jobs coming in. We are here to support your clients in this tax season.

I encourage all of you to get in touch with your client, contact members of our team to check your eligibility for the depreciation. Thank you for listening, stay tuned for next month. Thanks! 

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