Monthly Update March 2021 | Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyor


Hi, Welcome to our Monthly update!


HI, I am Mark Kilroy bringing you this month’s update directly from the beauty of Airlie Beach!

Australia is in a very good position compared to the rest of the world, with domestic travel open and COVID cases minimal. It would seem March has been a very active period for property investors, with the home value index rising at its fastest pace since 1988.

The reserve bank has kept interest rates at record lows although some banks are not looking at increasing rates due to the large increase in fixed-rate loan requests.

On the residential side, Koste has continued to work with our referral partners to educate clients on the benefits of depreciation saving them thousands in income tax.

We continue to advise investors that you don’t need to wait until the end of the financial year to get the tax benefit in your pay packet. Simply complete a withholding variation form with the ATO and start receiving the tax benefit immediately in your pay packet.

Commercial depreciation inquiries has continued to see an upward trend of 150% on the previous month. This has been down to our push on educating referral partners and clients through webinars, and social media platforms including LinkedIn.

I love working with commercial property, as very few get the full benefit from depreciation no matter what the size of the company.

Koste believes in managing depreciation throughout the property owner to ensure clients get the full benefit. We have recently set up clients this month for this service on a Portfolio of Pubs and Hotels in Adeliade and Emerald Regional Airport where we will be revaluing the airport assets.

This month we have started using our Depreciation software developed over the last 6 months which we have now named KAPAL. This is currently under Beta testing, however will be available as a white-labeled product before the end of the year.

Thank you for listening to our monthly update, please contact a member of our team should you have any questions about depreciation or would like to refer a client who may benefit from our service.