Koste May 2021 Monthly Update | Chartered Quantity Surveyor


Hi, Welcome to our Monthly update!


Hi, Mark Kilroy here, bring you our monthly update from this very cold Melbourne morning. May 2021 was the deadline for accounts to make the last-minute income tax submission, so it’s a busy period for Koste. With now tax seasons just 4 weeks away, so we encourage all partners and investors get to prepare and book the Quantity Surveyors now.

We have mentioned our residential software, Kapal, last month. This is providing a great result, and it is now live. We have added additional features, which I will tell you about shortly, including managing CAPEX and write-offs. Kapal will be launching its new client portal soon, which enables clients to get instant reports, have a professional guideline from QS, and has the ability to update the reports when renovation works are carried out. Kapal has been also nominated for the innovation award this year with the RICS. We are pretty excited about that and fingers crossed that we could get to the finals of that.

Our commercial property depreciation team continues to be busy this month and has lots of interstate travels. Here in Melbourne, the restriction has been lifted. Our team has completed a range of reports, including all different assets, South Australia and Victoria, a hospital in Sidney, a shopping center in Brisbane, and a whole range of various properties.

Our monthly video hopefully will bring you some insight into what our team has been working on, and I have also started sharing some videos of site inspections including behind the scene footage. You will hopefully see a range of clients who are benefiting from the tax depreciation, from mom and dad investors to large hospitality clients. Everyone can benefit from depreciation financially. Please remember when you choose your provider, you only get one chance to get it right. I personally want to claim every deduction for my clients and develop a system that we can capture it.

I do thank you for listening and stay tuned for the next month’s update.