Koste Monthly update - Residential EOFY Special Update Transcript -


Hi Mark Kilroy here, bringing you our June monthly update. It’s the important part of the year, which means it is the last chance for Australian to make any decision regarding their changes in finance which could affect their next tax return.

Many of them will have to pull together information this month, getting organise and getting ready for tax season starting in July which will run all the way to October. We advise our clients to start putting together all this information, including related expenses and deductions sooner rather than later to avoid any stress later on. 

koste is already seeing a significant increase of jobs this month, earlier than expected. We are here to support property investors during tax season. I will encourage you to call our team to understand your eligibility for tax depreciation deductions. 

If you are an existing client, you are eligible to update your existing report with any updates of the property if you brought our platinum package. This will also include write offs and CAPEX works. You should be aware that if you purchase the tax depreciation report by 30 June, you will be eligible to claim the cost of the report for this financial year.

Koste will provide you a receipt for your purchase that was made on 30 June this year to ensure you can claim our fees in full. The report will follow shortly after this period. If you miss the deadline, you will only be able to claim it after next year’s tax return, so I encourage you to contact us to get your tax depreciation report done soon. Thank you very much for listening. See you next month! 

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