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Residential Depreciation Packages

Koste offers 3 residential tax depreciation packages for Professional Ipswich clients to select from, one for every budget. Order your preferred residential depreciation package online. 

First, add your preferred residential depreciation package to your cart. Secondly, check out the order with your details through secured payment. Last, once payment is confirmed, we will start preparing your report. 

Please order your report online with the promo code: PROFIP 

Exclusive $100 off for Platinum Package




One-off payment


  • 40x Year Summary
  • Diminishing & Prime Cost Methods
  • Low Cost & Value Pooling
  • Previous Owner Works
  • Common Areas
  • Quick & Easy Form To Complete
  • Quantity Surveyor Prepared Report



One-off payment

Silver Package Plus:

  • Virtual Quantity Surveyor Inspection
  • Capital Loss Deductions (Div 40)
  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Photographic Evidence
  • Property Research
  • Director Sign-off
  • Maximum Deductions



One-off payment

Gold Package Plus:

  • Physical Quantity Surveyor Inspection
  • Unlimited Report Updates
  • Asset Scrapping / Write offs
  • Furniture RP Data
    – Property Report* RP Data
    – Rental Appraisal Report* RP Data
    – Suburb Report*
    *Subject to area availability on RP Data

Residential Depreciation Packages

We have 3 depreciation packages to select from, one for every budget. Add your preferred residential depreciation package to your cart.

Order your preferred residential depreciation package online. Koste has prepared a convenient online portal to handle your application and get your tax depreciation report back to you quickly and efficiently to suit all budgets.

Our Points of Difference

Each report is prepared with care to ensure our clients maximise depreciation returns. Our reports are not auto generated, and our Quantity Surveyors will always look to see where we can claim maximum deductions. They are carefully prepared based on the clients’ unique circumstances and with the best information available. If you have been told there is no deductions by one of our competitors or your accountant, get in touch with Koste and challange us!

All Our Residential Packages Include:

Detailed Report

You will receive a comprehensive 40 year schedule for both prime cost & diminishing value methods. We also utilise Low Value Pooling and Immediate Write-offs

Maximum Deductions

We utilise the current ATO Tax legislation, which changes annually. This ensures our clients receive maximum benefit and returns.

Capital Works

Many properties will have undergone some cosmetic work. Our team will ensure this cost is calculated and included in your report.

Shared Assets

If you own a property with common areas, you will be entitled to claim a percentage of these assets based on your lot entitlement.

Gold (G) & Platinum (P) Packages May Also Include:

Free Updates (P)

As a valued client we will update your schedule Free of charge whilst you are the owner of the property.

Site Survey (G) (P)

Where necessary a site survey will be carried out by a qualified surveyor. If no site survey is required you will be offered a discounted fee.

Furniture (P)

If your property is furnished, we will include the assets in your report at no extra cost.

Scrapping (P)

Remember If you remove an asset or demolish you are entitled to claim the remaining depreciable value upon disposal.


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