Referral Partner EOFY Update - Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyors


The end of the financial year (EOFY) is almost coming to an end and property investors will be looking for the right advice and knowledge to help them correctly submit their tax return and claim deductions. 

Don’t delay in assisting your clients in organising their Tax Depreciation Schedule for the past financial year before the 30th of June cut off. 

Koste are Tax Depreciation and Chartered Quantity Surveyor specialists, we are focused on working with our network of referral partners to ensure that you understand what your clients need to create their Tax Depreciation Schedule. 

Our comprehensive reports for residential and business clients are of the highest quality, allowing accountants to quickly integrate our reports into your clients’ tax returns, unlocking tax savings for your clients. Tax Depreciation Schedules are Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyors’ sole specialty.

How Koste Can Help YOU 

  • We complete an initial depreciation schedule upon purchase of any property. Our report will identify and estimate all eligible depreciating assets, including capital works, maintenance and depreciation reports.
  • Koste has developed a market leading product, CODE as an integrated Tax Depreciation Management tool. This asset reporting tool allows you to manage detailed and accurate depreciation schedules as a live document.
  • Our depreciation schedules are ATO approved.
  • Accountants can maximise your client deductions and maintain compliance with ATO.
  • Real Estate Agents help and educate your clients about the benefits of tax depreciation, giving you the competitive edge 
  • Property Developers can have a Tax Depreciation estimate prepared to help sell developments faster.
  • Mortgage Brokers help your investors save money on their investment property. 


What is included in a Tax Depreciation report?

A depreciation schedule will be split into 2 classifications: Capital Works and Plants & Equipment.

Capital Works include the original cost of the property, extensions or renovations and structures.

Plants & Equipment are non permanent removable assets like; appliances, carpets, flooring.

A Tax Depreciation schedule will summarise all of this information into one report identifying the value of each part of the property and how much it has depreciated. This report is then available to use at tax time to complete your clients claim. 

We highly recommend your tax depreciation schedule is completed by a professional that specialises in Tax Depreciation Schedules, like Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyors .


Choosing Koste

At Koste we aim to provide our clients with a high quality product, whilst offering innovation and value for money. Since 2012 we have saved billions of dollars for our clients on an annual basis. We guarantee 2 x our fee back in the first full financial year. 

If your clients have recently purchased an investment property, or even those investors who have been in the game for a while, give Koste a call to discuss how we can help to reduce your clients taxable income and start improving their cash flow. 

Assist your clients with their tax depreciation schedule today, so they can start claiming tax deductions for the past financial year and enjoy a maximised cash flow immediately!

To order a report or talk to one of professional advisors, give Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyors a call today.


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