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Tax Depreciation

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Commercial tax depreciation

The Koste Difference

  • Unrivalled Expertise
    Our team uniquely combines tax and quantity surveying expertise, ensuring a comprehensive approach.
  • Specialised Focus
    Traditional quantity surveyors lack the tax background essential for this niche. With Koste, you’re not just getting a surveyor; you’re getting a tax depreciation specialist.
  • Maximised Deductions
    Without specialised tax knowledge, thousands in deductions often go unclaimed. We ensure every dollar you’re entitled to is identified.

Our Commercial Services

Commercial tax depreciation

Depreciation Schedules

A thorough, initial depreciation schedule for the commercial property should be completed upon construction or acquisition.

Owners can keep track of their taxable income. As certified Quantity Surveyors, we identify and estimate all potentially depreciable assets, such as building improvements and equipment purchases. Our AIQS and RICS-qualified Quantity Surveyors conduct assessments that document evidence in accordance with ATO substantiation requirements.

Commercial tax depreciation

Asset Registers

Our detailed asset registers are compiled through a comprehensive survey carried out by our certified Quantity Surveyors.

A detailed asset register will provide you with a full list of assets, which in turn will assist with compliance, audits, sinking funds, asset planning, and ongoing commercial tax depreciation.

Commercial tax depreciation

Balancing Adjustments

The deductions you may be eligible for when demolishing an asset are often overlooked.

In the year of demolition, the asset’s un-deducted value (written down value) can be claimed, regardless of whether it’s capital work or a depreciating asset.

Commercial tax depreciation

Tenant Abandonment

​If the tenant’s fit-out is not demolished at the end of the lease term, the landlord is entitled to the capital works component of the tenant’s fit-out.

The component of eligible capital works has been identified by our assessment.

Commercial tax depreciation

A Legacy of Excellence

Industry professionals countrywide trust Koste, Australia’s premier commercial property experts.

Our projects include luxury hotels, lively malls, and quaint boutiques, and we always deliver. We promote client success, outstanding service, and long-term partnerships. Our help and coaching increase property endeavours beyond asset and tax depreciation. Koste’s reputation for success and innovation in commercial property is built on project experience, customer focus, and steadfast support.

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