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Returns and
Refund Policy

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Returns and Refund Policy

Koste Pty Ltd offers our clients a refund policy.

Clients will be entitled to a refund where Koste are unable to guarantee twice our fee in depreciation deductions in the first full financial year.

Where the report is cancelled – a refund will be decided based on the level of work conducted before cancellation occurred. Where you have overpayed for your service we will, of course contact you within 2 days of payment being received to discuss refund options i.e. cheque, credit card or EFT.

Any promotions Koste offer; including Promo Codes for a discouted fee, will only be valid at the time of order. We are unable to honour a discount using a promotional code after full payment has been made.

Koste issues reports digitally, should you need any assistance or if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products please contact our team on 1800 885 335 or email

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