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Construction Cost Table

Australia Building Construction Cost

Note: Use of this construction cost table should be treated as a guide only. The rates listed below are average rates gathered 6-12 months prior to publication, and typically 20-30% out on current actuals in the marketplace.

Koste Building Constructions Cost guide provides a great tool for property builders and investors to have a better understanding of the building cost. Also, the tables provide great comparison and insights of the construction costs in major cities in Australia. Follow this guide based on the information provided by the AIQS Sept 2023 Building Cost Index Publication.

Unit  Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
 Standard House (Basic) m2$1630$1570$1620$1360$1430$1390
 Standard House (Medium) m2$1910$1930$1890$2020$2250$2090
 Standard House (High) m2$6010$3310$4720$3000$3410$2610
 Townhouse m2$2720$2380$2700$2120$2110$2090
 Apartments - Low Rise m2$2590$2540$2560$2220$2390$2430
 Apartments - High Rise (Medium) m2$2880$3240$2850$3140$2930$2780
 Apartments - High Rise (High) m2$3420$3660$3390$4190$3070$4170
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Motels (Single or double storey)m2$3260$3100$3230$3250$3890$3100
Hotels (Suburban single or double storey )m2$3910$3380$3540$3270$3890$3410
Hotels (Medium to high rise)m2$5210$4210$4180$4910$4430$4080
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
up to 3 storeys
Suburban bank
up to 3 storeys
Low rise
up to 3 storeys
Medium – high rise
up to 15 storeys
High rise
up to 35 storeys
High rise
over 35 storeys
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Single storey factory with small span for light industrym2$1170$1000$1150$1070$1160$830
Single storey factory with large span for heavy industrym2$1270$950$1310$1210$1300$960
Single storey warehousem2$930$1000$920$930$890$830
Multi storey warehousem2$2020*$2000$1990**
Unit  Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Single storey retail shop or showroom m2$2040$1520$2020$1230$1640$1040
Single storey suburban supermarket of large chain m2$2320$1900$2290$1020$1700$1700
Regional complex up to three storeys m2$3270$3180$3080$2800$2730$2090
Central Business District (CBD) storem2$4010$4450$3850$3780$3480$2610
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Single storey district hospital m2$6210$4620$4310$4540$4980$4740
Multi storey general hospital (200 beds)m2$6740$6140$6160$6050$7500$7140
Multi storey maternity hospital (100 beds)m2$7010$5860$5540$5550$6820$6000
Single storey medical centre m2$4210$3860$3230$2760$3610$2870
Child care centresm2$2810$2590*$2390$3270$3040
Community care centresm2$3340$2540$2310$2150$3270$2610
Civic Buildings
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
500 person capacity main hallm2$3070$2940$3040$2640$2800$2170
750 person capacity main hallm2$4100$3970$4000$3850$3340$2960
1000 person capacity main hallm2$5530$4770$5080$4350$4770$3650
2000 person capacity main hallm2$6490$5240$5700$5620$5180$4000
Court Housem2$5530$5080$5080$4540$4770$6980
Police Stationm2$3420$4450$3390$3650$4360$5190
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Primary schoolm2$3000$2610$2970$1810$3820$3170
Secondary schoolm2$3010$2630$3100$2510$4020$2670
School laboratory block m2$3650$3790$3510$3650$4360$3130
Technical Collegem2$3270$3240$3310$3270$3480$2810
Residential collegem2$3910$3660$3310$3270$3480$2700
Administration block m2$3190$3380$2930$3520$3750$3130
Tutorial and lecture room block m2$3860$3650$3540$3560$3890$3300
Lecture theatrem2$4530$4310$4160$4280$4090$4000
Library m2$3860$3930$3540$4030$3820$2960
Laboratory and science block m2$6340$4480$5540$5290$4770$5040
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Social sports club up to two storeysm2$2890$3380$4050$3250$3340$3020
Single storey sports pavilionm2$2440$2830$3640$2570$2660$2270
Basketball centrem2$1620$2280$2970$1680$2390$1620
Squash court (standard finish)m2$1720$2140$3040$1920$2660$1710
Squash court (high standard)m2$2050$2780$3170$2240$2860$2330
Bowling alley m2$2230*$2310**$1580
Single storey community recreation centre m2$1670$2280$2830$2120$3270$1660
Unit Sydney  Brisbane  Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Canberra 
Single storey tavern m2$3110$4310$3080$4390**
Single storey service station m2$2450$2460$2430$2370**
Single storey aged persons home infirmarym2$3340$2550$3310$2550$3270$2430
Single or double storey aged person housing unitsm2$2640$2830$2620$2640$3480$2780
Church hall (standard)m2$2040$1660$2020$1540$1500$1390
Church (basic design)m2$2450$2210$2430$1990$2860$2090
Church (high quality)m2$5180$4480$5130$4160$3890$3400
Standard amenities block minimum finishesm2$4020$3810$3980*$3200$2090

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We have three different residential tax depreciation packages to choose from.

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