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Our Residential Depreciation Packages

We offer three options for residential tax depreciation based on your budget.

First, pick the one that fits your needs and then make a secure payment to confirm your order. Once payment is confirmed, we’ll start working on your report. Our team at Koste Quantity Surveyors takes care of each client’s report and delivers it back to you promptly, no matter your budget.

What is included in our packages?

– 40-year depreciation schedule
– Diminishing & Prime Cost methods
– Low Value Pooling & Writeoffs
– Common Areas – Previous Owner & Renovation Works
– Fast Report Turnaround
Qualified Quantity Surveyor Review / Approval
– Split Ownership Report







Our points of difference

Koste prepares each report carefully to ensure our clients maximise depreciation returns. In addition, our tax depreciation reports are not auto-generated. Most importantly, our quantity surveyors will always look to see where we can claim maximum deductions.

Our Quantity Surveyors prepare the reports based on the client’s unique circumstances with the best information available. Therefore, if you have been told there are no deductions by one of our competitors or your accountant, get in touch with Koste and challenge us!

Our packages include:

Detailed Report

You will receive a comprehensive 40-year schedule for both prime cost & diminishing value methods. Also, we utilise Low-Value Pooling and Immediate Write-offs

Maximum Deductions

We utilise the current ATO Tax legislation, which changes annually. This ensures our clients receive maximum benefit and returns.

Capital Works

Many properties will have undergone some cosmetic work. Therefore, our team will ensure this cost is calculated and included in your report.

Shared Assets

If you own a property with common areas, you will be entitled to claim a percentage of these assets based on your lot entitlement.

Free Updates

As a valued client, we will update your schedule Free of charge whilst you are the owner of the property.

Site Inspection

A qualified surveyor will carry out your site inspections both virtually and physically. Also, if no site survey is required, you will be offered a discounted fee.


For furnished property, we will include the assets in your report at no extra cost.


If you own a property with common areas, you will be entitled to claim a percentage of these assets based on your lot entitlement.

*Inclusions might differ based on which package you purchase.

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