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Virtual Inspection

vKoste is our new solution to complete
tax depreciation site inspections virtually

Introducing vKoste

vKoste is our new solution to complete tax depreciation site inspections virtually. As market leaders in Tax Depreciation, we are implementing the first virtual Tax Depreciation site inspection service to assist our Quantity Surveyors in the current environment of COVID.

We are challenged by the current environment, which is now with us for the foreseeable future. Koste has been working on new technology and solutions which will inevitably change the way our industry operates. Therefore, the way we interact with clients, tenants, and business partners has now changed from a typical face to face interactions we once knew. In Fact, inspections are a crucial part of our industry, especially collecting data on commercial and second-hand residential properties. Since March 2020, we are all aware of social distancing. These measures have slowly been changing our way of life and how businesses operate. Over the last 3 months, Koste has been trialing site inspections carried out virtually between our Quantity Surveyors, clients, tenants, and property managers. Having completed in excess of 100 virtual site inspections over this period, including interviewing clients, tenants, and property managers, we can confirm this is now the preferred option over physical site inspection.

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Flexibility with Inspection times

vKoste sole purpose is to help property investors maximise tax depreciation deductions whilst meeting current social distancing rules.

As a result, our new technology helps deliver on this, whilst providing clients with a service not yet available through other Quantity Surveyors. By using our booking and online conference system, our Quantity Surveyors are available to conduct inspections anytime with the tenant or owners.

Video Evidence Stored

During the virtual inspections, our Quantity Surveyor will be able to record the inspection as video evidence.

It will be useful for preparing your tax depreciation report. Also, Virtual inspection provides a great chance for the client to participate in the site inspection with the Quantity Surveyor. As a result, it will meet the social distancing rule under COVID restriction as well. In other words, it will be COVID safe.
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