Do I need a site inspection?

We do recommend completing a site inspection where possible with one of our qualified Quantity Surveyors, especially on commercial properties, apartments and second hand residential properties.

This will ensure maximum depreciation benefit on plant and equipment assets and provide evidence should the ATO audit a depreciation claim. Our team of Qualified Quantity Surveyors are based in each state and major cities and able to access the majority of locations throughout Australia.

It has however not always been possible to complete face to face site inspections especially during Covid and prolonged lockdowns in states.

Our team looked at new technology during this period and successfully launched vKoste (Virtual Site Inspections) which has been a huge success with owners, property managers and tenants.

This service provides a safe way to conduct site inspections with a chartered Quantity Surveyor in a timely manner, whilst recording evidence in accordance with the relevant government record keeping requirements.

Where a client does not select the site inspection service whether physical or virtually, we as Quantity Surveyors must be confident that all necessary documentation is available including evidence to support the depreciation schedule.

As registered Tax Agents we must also adhere to the TPB code of conduct to take all reasonable care in ascertaining a client’s financial affairs.


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