Meet Koste - Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyors

Meet Koste

Koste Chartered Quantity Surveyors are tax depreciation experts committed to saving its clients billions of dollars through tax depreciation schedules. We were founded in 2012 and specialize solely in this field. Our team loves educating our partners on the benefits as it brings out a passion within us!


Koste is one of the tax depreciation experts and leading providers in Australia for tax depreciation schedules. Koste’s product and methodology have made them a market leader, allowing our clients to receive detailed reports at unbeatable fees.

What Makes Koste?

Our People

Our Quantity Surveyors have a wide range of industry experience, both in the commercial and residential sectors and are deemed to be tax depreciation experts by AIQS, TPB, and RICS

As Koste grows, we look to employ the very best specialist Quantity Surveyors. They have the necessary skill set to provide clients with a quality product. We look to invest in our people by making them tax depreciation experts through ongoing training and staff promotion. When you have a happy team of people your client will benefit from exceptional customer services and results.

Our Innovation

Koste is the innovator and leader in the industry, from preparing tax depreciation reports to Asset Services. 

Our team of tax depreciation experts and quantity surveyors develops the latest integrated Tax Depreciation Management tool, which will put our clients in the driving seat. We always look to improve not only industry standards and technologies but also client awareness of cost-saving opportunities. As a result, through CODE asset reporting, clients are able to manage depreciation schedules as live documents with ease.

Our Aim

Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with a product that is both innovative and cost-effective.

Achieving this success will ensure our clients continue working with Koste. Furthermore, we strive to keep our clients up to date on the latest developments in the business world. Therefore, these long-term business relationships will be developed with our team for many years to come. 


Meet Our Founders


Mark Kilroy MRICS MAIQS Bsc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

Founder & CEO 

Mark is a leading adviser in the property industry, specialising in Asset Services and Tax Depreciation. As the CEO and Founder of Koste Group, a property investor and speaker, Mark is passionate about property and helping others to get benefit from adding value to the property. As a Chartered Quantity Surveyor for nearly 20 years and a Registered Tax Agent, Mark’s skills have been gained whilst working for leading property advisers around the world including; Ernst & Young. BP, Caltex, Land, and CBRE.

Claire Kilroy BA (Hons)

Co-Founder & Director

Claire is one of the founding partners of Koste Group. With a background in Property and Marketing, Claire understands property and the importance of communicating our brand message. As a property investor both in Australia and the UK, Claire is passionate about property. For the last 12 months, Claire has been playing a key role in the expansion of new services to add to our brand, including Huse, eKoste client portal, and eDepreciation.

Our Commercial Services

Depreciation Schedules

A thorough, initial depreciation schedule for the commercial property should be completed upon construction or acquisition. Owners can keep track of their taxable income. As certified Quantity Surveyors, we identify and estimate all potentially depreciable assets, such as building improvements and equipment purchases. Our AIQS and RICS-qualified Quantity Surveyors conduct assessments that document evidence in accordance with ATO substantiation requirements.

Asset Registers

Our detailed asset registers are compiled through a comprehensive survey carried out by our certified Quantity Surveyors. A detailed asset register will provide you with a full list of assets, which in turn will assist with compliance, audits, sinking funds, asset planning, and ongoing commercial tax depreciation. 

Balancing Adjustments

The deductions you may be eligible for when demolishing an asset are often overlooked. In the year of demolition, the asset's un-deducted value (written down value) can be claimed, regardless of whether it's capital work or a depreciating asset.

Tenant Abandonment

​If the tenant's fit-out is not demolished at the end of the lease term, the landlord is entitled to the capital works component of the tenant's fit-out. The component of eligible capital works has been identified by our assessment. 

Trusted by Professionals

Koste is a leader in Tax Depreciation because that is all we do. We know all of the finer aspects of property tax depreciation, which is why leading professionals trust in Koste for their property tax depreciation.
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