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Free Tax Depreciation Estimate Calculator

Although Koste guarantees twice our fee in deductions the first full tax year in Australia, we would still recommend getting a free estimate. Koste offers an instant tax depreciation estimate calculator for our clients to use before ordering the report. 

Simply use our elgibility test on the right side and check the estimate of how much you can claim for the tax depreciation on your investment property. Most importantly, our new system will allow you to order reports in a seamless way.

What Makes Koste?

Our People

Our Quantity Surveyors have a wide range of industry experience both in the commercial and residential sectors.

As Koste grows we look to employ the very best specialist Quantity Surveyors who have the necessary skill set to provide clients with a quality product. We look to invest in our people through ongoing training and self promotion. When you have a happy team of people your client will benefit from exceptional customer service and results.

Our Innovation

Koste are innovators and leaders in the industry, always looking to improve not only industry standards and technologies but also and client awareness of cost saving opportunities.

Our team have developed the latest integrated Tax Depreciation Management tool which will puts our clients in the driving seat. Through CODE asset reporting, clients are able to manage depreciation schedules as a live document with ease.

Our Aim

Our aim to provide our clients with a product whilst offering innovation and value for money.

Achieving the success of this, will ensure our clients continue to work with Koste and that long term business relationships will be developed with our team for many years to come.

Our Commercial Services

Depreciation Schedules

A thorough and initial commercial depreciation schedule should be completed upon construction or acquisition of any commercial property. It enables owners to maintain a commercial tax depreciation schedule, to maximize their tax returns. As Quantity Surveyors, we identify and estimate all eligible depreciating assets - including capital works and plant and equipment assets! Our AIQS and RICS qualified Quantity Surveyors conduct assessments documenting evidence in accordance with ATO substantiation requirements.

Asset Registers

Our detailed asset registers are compiled through a comprehensive survey carried out by our Quantity  Surveyors. A detailed asset register will provide you with a full list of assets, which in turn will assist with compliance, audits , sinking funds, asset planning and ongoing commercial tax depreciation.

Balancing Adjustments

Often overlooked are the deductions you may be entitled to upon demolition of an asset. Whether it is capital works or a depreciating asset, the un-deducted value (written down value) of the asset can be claimed in the year of demolition.

Tenant Abandonment

Upon lease expiry the capital works component of the tenants fit out reverts to the landlord if the fit out is not demolished. Our assessment identifies the eligible capital works component.