What Is The Difference Between a $200 Report and Yours?

What is the difference between a $200 report and yours?

Koste has always been open and honest with our fees and was the first Tax Depreciation provider to advertise fixed pricing for Tax depreciation residential reports in Australia.

Since then, most providers have been looking to compete on price alone, and it is becoming a race to the bottom. With 100s of companies saying they specialise in Tax Depreciation, it can be a mind field for typical property investors.

While I cannot comment on individual companies, I can only reassure investors that by engaging Koste to complete a Tax Depreciation schedule, you can rest assured of the very best results: a compliant report meeting current ATO legislation.

Koste is Australia’s only regulated Chartered Quantity Surveyor with the RICS who specialises in Tax Depreciation. We are proud of this success since we worked hard to achieve this status. We are also full corporate members of the AIQS and work with a diverse spectrum of clients, from big superannuation funds to individual investors. Each is handled equally, with special attention paid to obtain the best possible results since every dollar counts.

All I ask when looking into a provider is to look beyond price comparison. Every provider has a different skill set and no one report will be the same. You need to select a provider who has professional recognition and will be there if the ATO ever want answers.

The saying “You get what you pay for” is very true. Koste has done its best to keep fees as low as possible through the use of technology advancements rivaled by our competitors.

Our Residential PackageĀ 



One-off payment


  • 40x Year Summary
  • Diminishing & Prime Cost Methods
  • Low Cost & Value Pooling
  • Previous Owner Works
  • Common Areas
  • Quick & Easy Form To Complete
  • Quantity Surveyor Prepared ReportĀ 



One-off payment

Silver Package Plus:

  • Site Survey (Virtual or Physical)
  • Capital Loss Deductions (Div 40)
  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Photographic Evidence
  • Property Research
  • Director Sign-off
  • Maximum Deductions



One-off payment

Gold Package Plus:

  • Unlimited Report Updates
  • Asset Scrapping / Write offs
  • Furniture
  • RP Data – Property Report*
  • RP Data – Rental Appraisal Report*
  • RP Data – Suburb Report*
  • *Subject to area availability on RP Data